Should newspaper reporters be required to reveal their sources?

The right to maintain the anonymity of confidential sources is included in numerous codes of ethics for journalists. It helps to protect informers from potential persecutions and helps journalists to save their relations with people who can tell an important information. Journalists, just like doctors or lawyers, deal with sensitive information, and people they work with sometimes need protection because of revealing sensitive data.
Though revealing the source of information is a big no-no for journalists, to some people a “credible” anonymous informer may look not so credible. After all, the rule of anonymity can give birth to some fake sources. Running for sensations, journalists can make up the sensation and cover it with another anonymous source. No one will know where the information came from and how reliable it is.
Practically, newspaper reporters shall reveal their sources if the information concerns a vital public or individual business. Journalists shall not conceal their sources when they are relevant for criminal investigations or other matters of a top-importance.

Should stay-at-home moms get a salary from the government?

Stay-at-home moms perform a tremendous amount of work over the time. They take care of kids, do housekeeping, go shopping, cook, and perform more tasks. For all of this, they normally do not get any salary being on maternity leave. To be fair, we must admit they need some compensation for the time they cannot work because of their maternity duties.
In some European countries, pregnant women and those on maternity leave are strongly protected by law. They get a monthly allowance and can access daycare and medical services for little or no price. Countries like Sweden or Denmark are considered to be the best countries for mothers due to their properly designed welfare systems.
Certainly, American moms need more protection for the period of their maternity leave. It can be achieved in form of monthly allowances or subsidized daycare and healthcare.

Should the use of coal be subjected to stricter environmental regulations than other fuels?

The use of fossil fuels poses a threat to the global economy and environment. Some countries become rich because they can extract a lot of oil, some others remain poor depending on the fossil monopolists. However, fossil fuels are exhaustible and they cannot stay a stable source of income for too long.

The damage of fossil fuel to the environment is tremendous. They put at risk ecosystems destroying coral reefs and other marine species. They are damaging to plants and all the species that depend on a safe and stable environment. Humans can ignore the unfavorable environment, but at some points, climate change caused by carbon emissions becomes especially destructive.

To avoid many dangers linked to carbon emissions, we shall limit extraction and use of fossils. It is economically and environmentally safe to invest in renewable energy which is the thing of the future.

Should government impose restrictions on what kinds of foods can be served in school cafeterias?

Food is a big problem in American school cafeterias because the meals served there hardly get any recognition from students or their parents. Children have to take lunch from home, eat junk food, or stay hungry. Parents call to actions as they consider their children neglected by schools. Someone considers taking care of school food to be a governmental responsibility. But authorities proved themselves ineffective reforming schools with their food.

The point is that parents shall have more power taking decisions concerning nutrition of their children. Most of them would approve children having nutritious meals with some meat, fish, potato, pasta, anything they get used to eating at home. At the same time, parents would disapprove of salty and sugary snacks from vending machines that make their children fat.

Every person has their own ideas about which food is healthy and which is not. If asked, parents would tell much more details about the food children shall eat at school.

Should exams be outlawed in favor of another form of assessment?

School exams have become a great problem recently. Students have no time to prepare for the final assessment and do it mainly at night. Teachers waste plenty of time listening to students whose performance they already know. Students’ anxiety does not allow children to perform as well as they can so that everybody is at disadvantage during the exam.
Exams are an old form of assessment, but never before children were so anxious about their grades. The outcome of the examination influences whether they will be accepted to college or not. Many kids manifest signs of depression, some even make suicide attempts trying to learn everything by heart in the night before the exam. That is why we need to get rid of ineffective and dangerous assessment.
Instead of exams, many schools already introduced final projects. They allow students to work for a couple of months to display their knowledge and skills on the topic they like. Doing their project work, students are not pressed for time so that they have little stress by the end of the year.

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