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MBA Admission Essay

College admission essay example in the case of : MBA / business / knowledge / management / management / finance / university / skills / objectives / career / education / degree / college

MBA Admission Essay

The rapid development of today’s business environment is shifted by an unprecedented boom of globalization and changes caused by fierce competition in the global market. Along with such remarkable transformations , need high-quality workforce is the ultimate value .

Diverse marketplace requires huge changes in response to the rapid expansion of global business . As time and geographical boundaries are becoming increasingly removed every single day , the workforce becoming more diverse .

Candidates holding a reputable educational degrees and get a solid education are much more likely to win the prestigious job in the conditions of international competition work environment.

Considering the current needs of the market, the best option for candidates to take courses focused on interdisciplinary training to combine the knowledge and skills in management, business, economics, accounting, marketing , social and behavioral sciences .

In addition , as a future leader , I clearly understand that modern high – different business environment disapprove leaders who do not have sufficient experience , individual strategic vision ( leadership style ) and the potential for combining the charismatic performances of employees with corporate objectives .

So I deliberately chose a program of business administration in finance to study at the University of GF.

In today’s highly competitive global environment, financial management is perceived by leading companies as the most effective tool to adjust the daily process of performance for a particular purpose . So I think the basics of business management as a basis for any administrative action which takes place in everyday situations.

Considering all the above reasons in mind , I would like my business management course to be full on real life case studies that reveal major failures and mistakes made by modern corporations .

Moreover, I am well aware that the theoretical analysis can not replace conventional situations where the wrong decisions are not uncommon. So I would just like the curriculum to emphasize on the priority of scenario planning for the short, medium and long-term periods .

I hope that the proposed business management program appears to appoint his personal transition from theoretical knowledge of business management to the target as soon as it becomes manager. I would like to pass a long-term gradual process to achieve this personal ambition of mine.

Initially , I understand that a good manager must possess strong personal qualities and be mentally stable to manage and lead people . Traits such as patience , the ability to compromise and both physical and mental endurance are at the forefront of the qualities needed to be on top of the team.

In addition to the personal qualities of the profession of financial management will require strong theoretical training is supported by empirical skills to assess any situation adequately. In its context , it seems to me that good managers are different from them due to their inadequate ability to intuitively assess the situation and to predict their immediate events , and to find the best solutions to prevent / avoid problems , or at least poteryatmere in solving them .

In addition , I would like to emphasize my future goals and career aspirations on scenario planning models . Models provide a healthy approach to vision and organizational effectiveness at each stage of its development. Namely scenario thinking allows to perceive the organization and its performance and development for a decade or more, which is crucial to prioritize specific goals to be achieved .

Backed up by a strong strategic financial vision , the company apparently gaining a competitive advantage over its rivals , which are mainly focused on current priorities . Nevertheless , future planning would be possible without the three other important aspects of a modern business , namely :

(1) Advanced technology, which allow to promote the overall performance ;

(2) Innovative marketing strategies that will allow you to win more customers ; and

(3 ) R & D projects for the introduction of advanced innovations in organizational performance.

So I totally understand that knowledge in other areas is equally important to achieve my future ambitions . I sincerely hope that my final year at university GF will be fruitful , and business management course will answer most of the questions that I have accumulated so far.

Such fair treatment based on competencies rather than individual features is reasonable and justified. On the basis of qualifications, there is hardly any difference between the rates of payment; Nevertheless , in most industries men still earn more than women. This indicates that the discriminatory questions more and more tolerated and approved by the quality of education , higher education is real value in today’s market

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